CHAIN SHARP CS-X chain saw sharpener

Optimum sharpening in one work step

Chain saw sharpeners from PFERD are exceptionally well suited to the manual sharpening of saw chains. Manual sharpening is more economic and much more gentle than machine-based sharpening, and can prolong the operating life of the saw chain.


  • Flexible use on-site due to compact device design.
  • Easy to use and defined sharpening angle.
  • Long operating life due to interchangeable files.
  • Precise and uniform sharpening result, even for inexperienced users.

  • Turn the device over to change from the right to the left tooth – no conversion work required.
  • Optimized shape for precise guidance and optimal sharpening results.

  • Improved design makes it easy to replace the files.
  • For simultaneously sharpening the saw teeth and adjusting the depth gauge.


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